Thompson and Green Family Cemeteries

On July 1st, my dad and I, armed with a GPS and one 14-year-old hand-drawn map, set out in search of two of our old family cemeteries. Getting to each of them required some near-off roading and a bit of hiking, but we did finally find them.

Green Cemetery ViewGreen Cemetery is located on Winifrede Mountain, just south of Winifrede, West Virginia. Fields Creek Road runs from the WV Turnpike and through Winifrede, ending at the gates of the Winifrede mine. A gravel road to the left leads under the coal tipple and around the mountain. Toward the end of the road, there are several houses and a path up to the cemetery.

Although it appears to have begun as a cemetery for the Green family, it now contains headstones for about a dozen families, and it is still being used. Surrounding the large Green family headstones are dozens of mostly uncarved concrete stones that have recently been painted white. Evidence suggests many of these mark Green burial places.


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Thompson Cemetery OverviewThompson Cemetery is located in a remote area of Lincoln County, West Virginia, about 35 miles southwest of Charleston. The Cemetery itself is about a mile hike off of Frank Fork Road near Bulger. It sits on what appears to be coal or gas company land and is roughly 3 miles north of the current boundaries of the Hobet Mine, one of the largest mountaintop removal mining operations in the region. Most of the headstones in this cemetery are hand-carved local rocks.


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