Back to the past

After a couple of years of too much new (I work in IT) and not enough old, I’m determined to return to carving out more leisure time and spending more of that time doing history. The first step has been to make myself a space, which has been slowly taking shape in my previously dank and creepy basement. Tomorrow, I plan to hang lights and curtains, roll out a new rug, and set up my desk and chair. There’s more to do to finish the space, but nothing that should prevent me from finally sitting down and searching out the past.

While I’m creating a new environment for myself, I’ve also decided this website could stand to have some work done. Since I rarely find big chunks of time for working on my own stuff, I’ll be doing this in bits and pieces. The “new” site will be fewer independent pages and more blog posts. It’ll be easier to maintain, so I’m hoping I’ll post more to it. In the meantime, please excuse any oddities and missing bits.

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