Clipping: Marion Martin, Extreme DIYer

I’ve long been told that my uncle, Marion Woodruff Martin (1919-1996), was something of an inventor in his youth, and I’ve just come across this gem in the November 8, 1948 issue of The Newark Advocate (Newark, OH). Marion was 29 years old at the time. I can’t make out much in the pictures, but this clip is fun to look at anyway.

Marion Woodruff Martin, Inventor

A transcription of the text in case you can’t read it in the enlarged imaged:

Marion Martin is pictured above on his farm just outside of Hebron with the corn and baled hay elevator which he made himself out of scrap. Martin said the elevator isn’t much for looks, but it does the work and cost about $125. He also made the garden tractor used to power the elevator. Martin uses it for seeding and mowing and other small jobs.

Bob Miller of radio station WRFD, Worthington, interviews Marion Martin, near Hebron, on the “Over the Line Fence” program. Martin told how he started farming with his father on shares, and how he has now purchased a 144-acre farm for himself, just outside of Hebron. The interview was broadcast over WRFD today.

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  1. Mom says:

    That’s great. Wish the pics were better. He also invented a corn wagon that was published in The Ohio Farmer magazine.

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