Green Cemetery, Kanawha County, West Virginia

Surveyed July 1, 2008

Green Cemetery is located on Winifrede Mountain, just south of Winifrede, West Virginia. Fields Creek Road runs from the WV Turnpike and through Winifrede, ending at the gates of the Winifrede mine. A gravel road to the left leads under the coal tipple and around the mountain. Toward the end of the road, there are several houses and a path up to the cemetery.

Although it appears to have begun as a cemetery for the Green family, it now contains headstones for about a dozen families, and it is still being used. Surrounding the large Green family headstones are dozens of mostly uncarved concrete stones that have recently been painted white. Evidence suggests many of these mark Green burial places.

Below is a complete record of the headstones of people I know to be connected to my family.

Green Cemetery Photos

John N. Green
7th Reg. W.Va. Cav.
Nancy Green

John and Nancy Green were the parents of Mary Emeline Green, the mother of William "Crack" Thompson and grandmother of Margaret Thompson Brooks. John served the Union in the 7th WV Cavalry, the same regiment in which St. Clair Thompson, father of Mary's future husband, served.
Evelyn Bane
Born 1874
Died 1933
Aug 7
Evelyn Green Bane was a daughter of John and Nancy Green and an aunt of "Crack" Thompson.
Tom Bane
Born 1861
Died Oct 1933
Tom Bane married Evelyn Green around 1880, and they had at least 8 children.
Sadie Green
Wife of Mont Peters
Oct 20, 1905
Feb 10, 1924
Sadie was a daughter of John's son Charlie Green. After the death of Nancy Green, John lived with Charlie and his family until his death in 1920.