Thompson Cemetery, Lincoln County, West Virginia

Surveyed July 1, 2008

Thompson Cemetery is located in a remote area of Lincoln County, West Virginia, about 35 miles southwest of Charleston. The Cemetery itself is about a mile hike off of Frank Fork Road near Bulger. It sits on what appears to be coal or gas company land and is roughly 3 miles north of the current boundaries of the Hobet Mine, one of the largest mountaintop removal mining operations in the region.

When this cemetery was most active, the land here was farmed primarily by the Thompson and Hager families. The cemetery has not been cared for in a great while and appears to have also suffered vandalism and theft. Several stones that were photographed by Thompson genealogist Myrl Thompson in 1994 are now missing. The vast majority of the stones here are hand-carved local rocks.

Below is a complete record of the headstones that were present and at least partially legible at the time of my visit. You may also view a slideshow of all of my Thompson Cemetery photos here.

Thompson Cemetery Photos

Myrl Thompson thought this might be the old Hager house. The Thompson house would have been farther west down Frank Fork but no longer stands. This small structure stands just to the left of the cabin. When Myrl was here in '94, there was at least one more building on the way to the cemetery.
George W. Thompson
Jan. 1, 1857
Mar. 4, 1940
Rebecca Thompson
May 17, 1852
Nov. 7, 1934
George was a son of Francis and Malvina Thompson and younger brother of my 3rd-great grandfather, St. Clair Thompson (grandfather of "Crack").
George and Rebecca's stone was flanked by their original, hand-carved stones. When Myrl visited in 1994, both were intact. George's is now broken, and Rebecca's is missing. Her stone had a prominent backwards 'S' that may have made it interesting to a theif.
G.W. Thompson
Born 1857
Died 1940 (on other side of break)
Jane H
Born 1889
Died 1919
This may be Jane Thompson, George and Rebecca's daughter, but I can't be certain.
Sarah N
Born 1886
Died 1910
This may have been another daughter of George and Rebecca.
Myrl believed this to be the marker for John Wesley Thompson. John Wesley was the older brother of St. Clair Thompson.
I haven't identified this individual yet.
Liddie Dotson
Jan. 23, 1884
John Dotson
Feb. 2, 1866
Oct. 6, 1945
John Dotson's WWI draft registration lists his birthdate as Feb. 1886. His death certificate lists no DOB or age, so this could be a carving error or a bad case of misremembrance. It is unclear whether Liddie is buried here since her stone was not finished.
Everwent Dotson
Born 1861
Died Oct 1922
John Dotson's death certificate lists his father as Ev Dotson, so this may be him.
Nioktie Dotson
Born Jan 18, 18[1]6
If the date that looks like 1816 is actually 1856, this would likely be Nickatie Thompson Dotson, who is listed as John Dotson's mother on his death certificate. Nioktie/Nickatie/Nichitiah Thompson was apparently St. Clair and George Thompson's only sister.
Joe H Dotson
Born 1883
Died 1919
I haven't identified this individual yet.
C.Z. Hager
Born July 3, 188[7]
Died Oct [2], 18[]
I haven't identified this individual yet.
Jane A Hager
I haven't identified this individual yet.
Rebca Hager
Born July 11, 18[31]
I haven't identified this individual yet.
Mary F Price
Died August 2 []
I haven't identified this individual yet.
Vena Adkins
I haven't identified this individual yet.