Seceder Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Surveyed May 26, 2007

In May of 2007, I took a quick flight to Ohio to investigate several cemeteries in which I believed I'd find some Woodruff, Sager, and other assorted family graves. My first order of business was to locate Seceder Cemetery, a site my living family was unaware of, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Once a bustling small city of its own, Reynoldsburg is now a strip-mall-infested suburb of Columbus.

After much circling, turning around, and near-resignation, I spotted what appeared to be headstones between the slats of a tall privacy fence along the back parking lot of one of the aforementioned strip malls.

Behind the privacy fence, the cemetery occupies a small hill surrounded by a chain-link fence, apartment buildings to the north and west, golf course to the south. The gate has a large padlock, but, since it was Memorial Day weekend, someone from the city had thought to leave it unlocked for potential visitors.

Seceder Cemetery Headstones

A vew of Seceder from the NW corner, facing SE. A view of the NW corner. Far left stone is Rice Woodruff. Far right is George Woodruff.
The Woodruff plot, from Sarahann Woodruff (face-down) to Margaret, daughter of B & E, whose headstone is under the tree. The Woodruff plot continues under the tree. The stones in this area are very haphazard.
Wiard Woodruff
Died Dec.
14, 1828
Aged 67 yrs.
Wife of
Wiard Woodruff
Died Aug.
22, 1827
Aged 63 yrs.
Rice Woodruff
April 25, 1876
67 Y...29 D
Wife of
Rice Woodruff
Aug. 16, 1847
27 ys 8 mo & 20
Sarahann Woodruff's headstone face down. Non-Woodruff headstone on the left. After turning Sarahann's stone to find out who it belonged to, I turned it back the way I had found it since I had no way to property reset it. Almira
Daughter of
Rice & Elizabeth
Woodruff Died
April 19, 1832.
Aged 1 yr 3 mo
& 29 ds

Margaret Died
Jan 27, 1833
aged 11 d.

Elizabeth likely 2nd wife of Rice.
Dau. of B&E
May 22, 1832
Aged 2 ys.
4 m. 12 d.

B&E probably Brace & Elizabeth
Son of
B.& E. Woodruff
Feb. 12, 1860
Aged 20 ys.
4 mo. 18 d.

B&E probably Brace & Elizabeth
Ruth E.
Dau. of B. &
E. Woodruff
July 30, 1829
10 mo. 3 d.

B&E probably Brace & Elizabeth
In the same area as the Woodruff stones is a broken stone with the following inscription: ""So fades [the] lovely blooming flower, Frail, smiling solace of an hour! So soon our transient comforts fly, And pleasure only blooms to die."