My typewriter addiction began when I was about 16 and convinced my mom to let me drag home a Corona #4 portable from an estate sale. It was black and shiny, and it had lots of moving parts. I was hooked, and typewriters have been coming and going from my life ever since. I currently have 18 a lot of them, and I’ll be posting pictures and information about them here.

A list of some typewriters currently in my collection:


Hammond Multiplex
  • Corona #3 – folding
  • LC Smith & Corona #4
  • Smith Corona Sterling (matte)
  • Remington Portable #1 (2 of these)
  • Remington Model 5
  • Royal Portable w/ Touch Control
  • Smith Corona Sterling (gloss)
  • Royal Aristocrat

Desk Models:

  • LC Smith & Corona #8
  • Oliver #9
  • Remington Standard #6
  • Wellington #2 (theoretically portable, but not really)
  • Hammond Multiplex
  • Blickensderfer #7, wide carriage


Unique Portable – toy
Unique Art Mfg.Co.
  • Unique
  • Simplex Special Demonstrated Model B
  • The New Simplex No. 1
  • Tom Thumb

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